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The photography is part of my life, I enjoy traveling with a camera and taking pictures with any digital, or old film camera, also thelephone capable to shoot.

If you like my pictures I invite you to visit also my webs
site, http://www.atravesdemicamara.es/
and http://www.trucosfotograficos.blogspot.com
You can find there pictures on a size enought to fill in your laptop screen and discharge them clicking over and going to my safecreative register data pages, then look for the button link that will appear in red color at the left of your screen for do it
All my pictures rights are protected by Safe Creative, under Creative Commons licence: "Reconocimiento-NoComercial-SinObraDerivada 3.0" it means they could be discharged, and copy, but is not allow do commercial use of them, or modify, and always have to be declared the author's name.
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